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The MaintenanceMinder, by MemoryMinder Journals

“Let this be the year you come to love the scale.”
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Bring back the scale! Studies by the National Weight Control Registry and others show that one of the common characteristics of people who maintain weight-loss is that they weigh themselves weekly or daily. Frequent self-monitoring of weight is one of the four common behaviors of successful “maintainers.”The other three are proper diet, eating breakfast, and physical activity.
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Estimates are that 95% of those who lose weight regain it in one to five years. This sounds alarming...yet we all know how easily it can happen.

Here at MemoryMinder Journals we have the fortunate opportunity to speak with many of
the people who use our journals. When it comes to losing weight, most everyone agrees the DietMinder and BodyMinder are a great help. But what happens when you’ve lost all the weight you need to lose?

Naturally you’ll want to enjoy your success and relax a little...celebrate with some ice cream and cookies now and then. That’s OK of course! But to keep those sneaky pounds from coming back, you need to remain continually aware. Once again, journaling is the key.

That’s why we’re pleased to introduce a journal that will help you stay at your ideal
weight by simply stepping on the scale each day. Studies show this really works!

Be warned however, the MaintenanceMinder is not for everyone. It’s not a “how to” book,
a fad diet, or a complicated medically-approved plan. It’s not designed to help you lose weight. It’s
simply your personal secret weapon for staying in shape once you have already reached your weightloss

Weight, of course, is not the sole determinator of good health. Other important factors include proper diet, physical exercise, mental stimulation and regular medical checkups.

So, congratulations on getting in shape! Now, by devoting just a few moments a day to keeping track in your Journal, you can keep that “on top of the world” feeling and never let your weight get out of control again.

The MaintenanceMinder lasts for a whole year and is not pre-dated. Each week takes just two pages. The second part of the book has room for notes and comments with mindful quotations on each page. It has a spiral binding, 192 pages, and comes with a leatherette cover in dark brown or ivory.

To order call (800) 888-3392. $16.95 each or $29.90 for two, plus shipping.
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