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(This journal was previously titled MemoryMinder Personal Health Journal)

The following are excerpts from published editorial reviews:

A recent report compiled in part by Johns Hopkins University contends that "patients should take responsibility for owning, maintaining, and sharing their personal medical records. Eighty percent of what your doctor uses to make a diagnosis comes from what you tell him." The article went on to recommend keeping a health diary; the MemoryMinder was pictured next to this article and listed as a favorite by the editors.
Health Magazine

"The MemoryMinder is far and away the best, most comprehensive health journal I've seen."
Health & Fitness editor,

“If you want to take an active and responsible role in your own health, using this journal can increase your awareness of what’s really going on in your body and your life.”
Healthy & Natural News

“The MemoryMinder is an invaluable record for you and your doctor, helps you identify problems and possible causes of your condition, and can keep you on track with your goals.”
Let’s Live Magazine

" is important for a patient to become an active participant in his or her treatment. Nothing is more uplifting than measuring and being aware of one's progress. We suggest that physicians buy MemoryMinders and give them to their patients."
Practical Pain Management

“Tips for Vibrant Health: MemoryMinder is...A Journal With Your Health in Mind.”
The Saturday Evening Post

“...journaling can provide a record of symptoms patterns and responses to new medications that you can share with your doctor. An excellent tool for accomplishing this is the MemoryMinder.”
Fibromyalgia Aware

"MemoryMinder is an ingenious diary...terrific and thorough."
So Young Newsletter

"...can help you gain a better understanding of your health. Takes only minutes to use...efficient"

Your Health Magazine

"Its clear and concise checklist format makes it simple (to use)."
The Natural Way

"Far easier to use than a journal with blank pages...helpful in many ways."
FMS Ohio Newsletter

"...a helpful companion,"
One Step Ahead Newsletter

"A useful tool for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding and control of one's health."
Lupus Horizons

"Extremely organized, helpful,"
Prime Health and Fitness

"...ideal for tracking changes in chronic conditions."

New Age Journal Sourcebook

"...will prove invaluable on your doctors' visits."
Lupus So. Arizona Newsletter

"...user-friendly format enables quick and accurate recording."
Lawyers Weekly USA

" invaluable tool for practitioners and patients."
The Townsend Letter

"...a very useful health management tool."
Consumer Connection Newsletter

MemoryMinder received a "favorable review for ease of use."

National Arthritis Foundation panel

"...will help you keep a clear and easy-to-read record of your symptoms"
CFIDS Chronicle

"...useful...makes it easy to document the many factors that contribute to a chronic condition...'the person who likes to have some sort of control of their life will love it.'
LUPUS News, Official Newsletter

"...track numerous aspects of health in a systematic manner. (A tool for)...the empowering of patients."
Geriatrics & Aging Newsletter