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The following are excerpts from published editorial reviews:

Keeping a food diary is "a major marker of success. It's the diet trick that works." DietMinder is pictured.
Your Diet (by the publishers of People Magazine)

"This is an extremely well-thought-out, mature journal product, specialized just for the dieter. So if you're looking for a diet journal, it would be hard to beat this one."

“At last! A food and fitness diary that works with virtually any plan. Whatever your goal, whatever your program, this is the book for you.”

Ms. Fitness

“The DietMinder provides an easy and organized way to keep track. Anyone trying to control weight, change their diet, or get in shape can track routines in this convenient journal.”
American Fitness

“The more forms you have for self monitoring, the better. Keep a food diary and exercise log. (DietMinder is pictured.) It’s one of the better predictors of who’s going to be successful at this process.”
Muscle & Fitness Hers

“I love this...the DietMinder thinks of everything; better than my usual ‘design it yourself on the computer’ pages...a great motivator.”
ECA News for Fitness Professionals

“If you haven’t been motivated to keep a food journal in the past, the DietMinder may be just the thing for you.”
Let’s Live

“Whether your goal is weight loss, improved health or increased exercise, this journal can help you stay on target.”
Personal Journaling

“The DietMinder is just the ticket to promote a positive change in eating habits for a healthier you.”
Short and Sexy Hairstyles

“Here’s what you need to do. Keep a detailed record of everything you eat...try DietMinder Personal Food & Fitness Journal.”
Energy for Women

“Since the DietMinder hit the market four years ago, the public has been eating it up (no pun intended). It makes a good stocking stuffer.”
Eagle Tribune

“The DietMinder quickly became a best seller in its category on”
The San Francisco Chronicle

“Recording your eating and exercise goals is a proven way to stay focused and motivated. By keeping you accountable, the DietMinder can help you keep your New Year’s resolutions.”
Shape Magazine

Reader’s question: “Can you suggest a good food log?” Answer: “Our favorite is the DietMinder Food & Fitness Journal.”
Prevention Magazine

“...take action by tracking what you eat in a food log such as the DietMinder. Then start making healthy changes. Just the act of writing down what you eat usually helps you eat less.”
The New Woman’s Day

“Studies show that keeping a food journal helps you lose weight. Our favorite food log? The DietMinder Personal Food & Fitness Journal.”
Weight Loss Guide by Prevention

The DietMinder received national television exposure when Dr. Phil recommended the DietMinder and gave one to every member of his audience. Dr. Phil also spent time explaining to his audience the importance of keeping a food diary and, among other things, had this to say about the DietMinder: “It’s really an easy way to keep track of food and exercise. It really gives you an’s hard to see yourself if you don’t write it down.”
Note: Dr. Phil’s recommendation and comments were unsolicited

“Five star review...effective...excellent tool...a great value.”

“...healthy habits stick longer when you keep yourself on the right track. Log in your daily progress with a DietMinder.”
Eating Light

(under ‘Cool Stuff’) DietMinder makes it easy to keep tabs on your eating habits.”
Weight Loss Guide by Prevention

"...provides a helpful reality check...ample space to record all of your nutritional information."
The Washington Post

"DietMinder is the answer...impressive..."

Diet & Exercise Magazine

"...convenient way to record your goals, exercise, meals and more."
Bottom Line Health

"Kick-start your diet with a DietMinder...easy-to-use, all-in-one-place journal."
Your Health

"If you are really serious, this diary will keep you on the straight and narrow."
So Young Newsletter

"So, focus on balancing your diet, staying active, and pencil in a healthier, happier you!" (The DietMinder was pictured and recommended in this article.)
Latina Magazine

"Grab a pencil and write down everything you eat in the handy DietMinder."
Health Magazine

"Keeping track of your progress in a journal is a smart thing to do and a smart thing to keep."
(The DietMinder was pictured and highly rated in this article.)
Oxygen Magazine

"Try versatile, it works with any exercise and diet plan you're following. Compact and very user-friendly..."
Prevention Magazine

"Anyone with a desire to change eating habits and get in shape will love this book."
Successful Slimming magazine

"STUFF WE LOVE"..."You can use (DietMinder) to record everything from your
calorie intake to your calorie burn."
Fit & Firm, Prevention Guide