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Can be used with
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DietMinder Journal
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Water intake
Time of meal
Calories, carbs, fat, etc.
Daily totals
Vitamins & supplements
Exercise and activity
Personal comments

(Pictured above) The heart of the DietMinder...
two-page sets for 3 months' worth of daily entries
Spiral-bound • 224 pages • Leatherette cover • 8 1/2" X 6"
Additional sections include Nutritional Guidelines,
Common Foods Counts, Personal Goals, Progress Charts & more

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a DietMinder Food & Fitness Journal?
The DietMinder is simply the best food and exercise diary on the market! It's the easy and organized way to keep track of the foods you eat including the quantities, calories, carbs, fat grams, and other nutritional counts.There's space to record each day's exercise, too!

2. Who can use the DietMinder?
Anyone with a desire to change eating habits and get in shape will love this book! It's ideal for weight loss, health and nutrition classes, doctor recommended dietary changes, the latest diet fad, or any other situation where a monitored diet is required.

3. What are the benefits of using the DietMinder?
You WILL see results... It's been proven time and again that people who carefully write down the foods they eat are twice as likely to lose weight and keep it off than those who don't.
You'll be more focused... Just like taking notes in school, writing reinforces our knowledge and awareness and signals our brains to respond. You'll know what you are eating!
You'll stay on track... From the very first day, seeing what you are eating in black and white will keep you strong and committed to your goals.
You'll be motivated to succeed... Each night when you answer DietMinder's daily question, "Did you meet your goals today?" you will be encouraged with a "yes" or realize you need to do better tomorrow. It really works!
You'll get moving... When your daily "physical activity" section is empty, a little healthy guilt will get you in motion!

4. What makes the DietMinder special?
Roomy, fill-in-the-blank format... Gives you plenty of space for the details; no more tiny, cramped entries or floating scraps of paper.
Organized and easy to use... The "Goals" section sets you on a clear and defined plan of action. The "Daily Record" pages guide you effortlessly through breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, supplements, and exercise. Adding up your food count data couldn't be simpler. The time-saving "Favorite Foods Index" and "Progress Charts" are fun and easy to use, too!
Food count information on over 100 common foods is included in the Favorite Foods Facts section.
Quality construction and design... Durable leatherette covers, a sturdy spiral binding for writing ease, convenient size (8½" x 6") for home or travel, and a special vinyl pocket for holding recipes, workout schedules, etc. make this a book you will be pleased to own! (224 pgs.)
It's guaranteed to work!... Use your DietMinder faithfully for just three days. If you don't feel a greater awareness and personal motivation, return your journal and your money will be promptly refunded!

5. Where can the DietMinder be purchased?
The DietMinder is available at many retail stores including Barnes& Noble Bookstores. It can also be special-ordered at other reputable stores.
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