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Everybody Needs a BodyMinder

BodyMinder in Times SquareIf you want to go from flabby to fabulous in a matter of weeks, the BodyMinder Workout & Exercise Journal is just the ticket to help you get there. You’ll feel organized, in control, and you’ll reach your goals before you know it!

Time and again studies show that writing things down can be the key to commitment, focus, and motivation; this philosophy is particularly true when it comes to working out. In fact, most gyms and fitness clubs provide forms on which to record exercises, reps & sets, equipment weight and other details.

The BodyMinder goes several steps further by also providing room to incorporate daily dietary notes, vitamin/supplement usage and more. There are also pages for listing goals, progress, games & competitions, and fitness expenses. The mere act of writing these things down can be self-motivating and encouraging!

Personal trainers, too, appreciate having a tool that works so well for beginners as well as for long-term strength trainers. Whether at the gym or at home, the BodyMinder is the perfect workout partner.

The BodyMinder sports an attractive leatherette cover with gold embossing. The spiral binding and handy vinyl pocket-page in back round out this top notch fitness accessory. It’s also an excellent gift for health enthusiasts, male or female, young or old.

The following are excerpts from published editorial reviews:

“The BodyMinder makes it simple to track every aspect of your workout program.”
Diet & Exercise

"There's something viscerally satisfying about being able to hold three months' worth of workouts in your hand," BodyMinder is pictured. Experience Life

With a BodyMinder..."You won't have to worry about losing valuable data if your computer crashes, and you can carry your workout record with you wherever you go."
Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY

“’s time to get into a workout routine. The BodyMinder is designed to help you accomplish that. It’s like a day planner geared for fitness but built to survive in a gym bag.”
The Dallas Morning News

The BodyMinder was recommended in Bottom Line Health

Great for personal trainers...very convenient.”
ECA News for Fitness Professionals

The BodyMinder was listed and pictured as #5 in the article “101 Things Every Fit Guy Must Own.”
Men’s Fitness

“Great for keeping track. A perfect way to record each workout from day to day.”
Ms. Fitness

“By keeping you accountable the BodyMinder can help you keep your New Year’s resolutions.”
Shape Magazine

“The BodyMinder (pictured) has spacious daily pages for tracking reps, sets, etc.”
Muscle Mag International

“The BodyMinder Workout & Exercise Journal helps you make time for your fitness goals by encouraging you to record your daily exercise. Meet your fitness goals once and for all!”
Short Hairstyles

“We send our sincere thanks and gratitude for your tremendous contribution (of BodyMinders) to this year’s Emmy Performer Nominee gift bags. Your product inclusion was splendid and truly a compliment to all that participated.”
Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, 55th Annual Emmys

“The BodyMinder is a compact notebook for keeping track of all your exercise experiences. Knowing that the key to keeping fit also includes a healthy diet, there’s a complete food diary area also.”
Fit & Firm Prevention Guide

“The BodyMinder is easy to use, fits nicely in your gym bag, and is a good choice for anyone who wants a little extra motivation to exercise.”

"The BodyMinder's organized format helps you plan and track the details of your workout...forward thinking gear for those moments when your determination begins to flag."
Experience Life Magazine

Dr. Phil mentioned the BodyMinder on his show and gave copies to every member of his studio audience.
The Dr. Phil Show